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Panama Pacifico

Panama Pacifico

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In recent years the world has witnessed positive developments, growth and development that Panama has shown and without a doubt will continue to demonstrate challenging any situation, doubts or negative comments from those who do not know the value of good deeds although they have it before their own eyes. Just as in Panama, we identified in Panama Pacifico the true answer to the businesses and families who appreciate and value nature and the environment and want to manage their professional and employment issues within the immense advantages that Panama Pacifico offers and demonstrates you may have all this while respecting the environment.

Best Place, born with the genuine intention to bridge the gap that arises for people who are established for work in Panama and require homes to have high standard and not pay a high cost for standard homes. If you agree with this philosophy, do not hesitate and call us without obligation to learn and discover that the best  is possible.

Panama Pacifico will offer:

  • 1 million square meters of new commercial space over the life of the project
  • $4 billion in total investment
  • 20,000 new residences
  • 40,000 new permanent jobs
  • 1,500 construction jobs
  • Millions of dollars in goods moved through the community on an annual basis


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